Wishing Works Instructional Videos are a sequential course, designed to show viewers each step of the painting process from beginning to end. The first episode is an overview so that students can quickly get a sense of the entire process. After that, each episode will be an in depth look at one aspect of the painting process. While each episode is a stand alone lesson, they will each build upon skills learned in previous episodes, so it it highly recommended that viewers watch them in order.

Each episode features in depth narrative with clear explanations of the process, accompanied by closeup video of a painting or drawing as it is being created so that students can clearly see the practical application of the concepts being described. Diagrams, graphics and 3-D animations are used to help illustrate more complex concepts in a way that even beginning students will be able to easily understand.

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Upcoming topics will include:

  • BLOCK-IN  Achieving accurate shapes, proportions, gesture
  • MECHANICS of LIGHT– Modeling 3-Dimensional Forms
  • UNDERPAINTING Advantages and disadvantages of different methods of starting a painting
  • COLOR THEORY Taking the Mystery out of Color Mixing
  • COLOR RELATIONSHIPS Using Color to Describe Space and Volume
  • FINAL PASSES Modeling Light and Form in Full Color
  • FINISHING TOUCHES Glazing, Scumbling and other Adjustment techniques
  • HIGHLIGHTS & LIGHT EFFECTS Go beyond modeling simple form by understanding complex light effects
  • RENDERING DIFFERENT MATERIALS Glass, Metal, Fur, Skin, etc.
  • MATERIALS & TECHNIQUES Building Panels, Transferring Drawings to Canvas, Varnishes, Mediums, etc.

Episode 2: The Block-In ($29)

Episode 2 demonstrates how to work out precise shapes, angles and proportions before starting to paint. Set up a logical hierarchy of information within the drawing to avoid common mistakes that undermine paintings later on. Live demonstration, step-by-step 3D animation w/narration explaining the entire block-in process.

*Added Bonus: Free Study Guide + Glossary of Terms, special tips students can refer to while doing their own block-ins.


Episode 1: The Painting Process ($29)

Episode 1 is an overview of the entire painting process, from initial drawing to the finishing touches. 53 min. video features close-ups of each step, 3D Graphics to fully illustrate the concepts. Narrated with clear explanations of thought process behind each stage.

*Added Bonus: extended Glossary of Painting Terms. Materials List (including brand names). Glossary features 3D diagrams/explanations


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