EPISODE 1: The Painting Process

$29.00 USD


Episode 1 serves as an overview of the entire painting process, from the initial drawing, right through to the finishing touches. It gives viewers a chance to see how each step of the process fits together and how each phase leads naturally in to the next.

The 53 min. video features close up shots of each step of the process as well as 3D Graphics to fully illustrate the concepts being discussed. The entire video is narrated with clear commentary explaining exactly what is happening and the thinking behind each stage of the process.

 As an added bonus, this video comes with an extended Glossary of Painting Terms, and a Materials List that include brand names. This glossary features 3D diagrams and explanations of concepts which compliment the lessons being given in the video.

This video and its accompanying materials are available as a digital download. No physical product will be shipped.

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