The basic philosophy behind Devin Cecil-Wishing’s approach to teaching is that students should understand not only 'what' works, but also 'why' it works.

It is only through the understanding of why things work that students will be empowered to effectively utilize the information in their own work. 

By systematically breaking down complex topics to their most simple components, students can achieve a thorough understanding of the principles required to create convincing illusions in their paintings.

Since 2005, Devin has taught classes in representational painting and drawing to students at all levels. 

In addition to his regular classes at the Grand Central Atelier in New York City, Devin teaches workshops around the globe, from San Francisco to South Africa.

Devin also offers private, one-on-one mentoring in an online format. In addition, he is currently working on a series of instructional videos which are available for download from this site.

Please click the links below for a complete listing of current classes and upcoming workshops.

Online Mentoring

With the recent pandemic pushing classes online, I have started offering private, one-on-one lessons online to students around the globe.  These mentorships are individually customized to meet the needs of the students and offer artists of all levels a chance for serious study right from the comfort and safety of home. 

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Current Classes

Grand Central Atelier • New York City


Grand Central Atelier. • New York

Grand Central Atelier. • New York

B.A.C.A.A. • San Carlos (SF Bay Area)

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