EPISODE 2: The Block-In

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Whether we’re making a highly finished still life painting or a quicker Alla Prima style portrait, every good painting starts with good drawing.

In Episode 2 we take a closer look at the process of constructing the linear drawing (block-in) to be used at the beginning of a painting. The goal of the block-in is to work out precise shapes, angles and proportions before we start to paint.

In this video we’ll go step-by-step through the process of creating a block-in from start to finish. During that time we will cover:

• Materials to be used and how to get set up for the best results.

• How to start with a loose gestural sketch

• The nuts and bolts of how to take consistently accurate measurements.

• What measurements to look for in order to ensure that our proportions are accurate.

• Methods for checking angles and shapes before committing to final placement.

• How to progressively build an accurate and finished drawing including the finishing touches to get our block-in ready for painting.

Most importantly, we will learn how to set up a logical workflow throughout the drawing process, allowing one piece of information to build off of the last. By building a hierarchy of information (logic tree) within the drawing, we can learn to avoid the common mistakes that undermine many paintings later on.

 By using live action demonstration, 3D animation and step-by-step narration, this video explains the entire block-in process in a clear, easy to follow series of steps which can be easily applied to any subject matter.

As an added bonus, this (1 hr. 15 min.) video comes with a free 26 page, fully illustrated Study Guide as well as a printable bullet point list of Basic Block-In Steps which can be kept with your drawing tools for easy reference while drawing.

This video and its accompanying materials are available as a digital download. No physical product will be shipped.

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